This is a wiki page on the angel CherubimEdit

“Hello, boys. I heard you needed some help.”

-Cherubim to Tony and Steve

Cherubim is an angel in the book series Eternal. He is the guardian of the tree of life but recentley has been casted out of heaven by Kushiel and God. He now is on Earth helping Tony and Steve .

The Staff Edit

Tony , unknowingly, is confronted by Cherubim in a gas station and given directions to the nearest hotel


Cherubim kills a few demon in this book in order to save Tony and Steve . He also knocks Tony out with the snap of a finger. Him and Steve and Tony all then move to a new hotel in order to escape the demons but soon realize they are living next door to an odd girl

Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second First Appearance: The Staff
Third Series Lifespan: The Staff- Present
Other attributes

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