This is a wiki page on the demon Crocell.Edit

“Ahhh.” Crocell said, rubbing her wrists. “Now let’s go; I’m tired of being here.” She said. 

-Crocell to Furfur

Crocell is a demon in the book series Eternal. She makes sounds of water appear when they aren't really there and also is a companion to Furfur . She is very antagonizing and tricky. 


Crocell appears to Tony and then captures him and sends him to The Cave . She then transports herself to Steve's hotel where she is tricked and mocked by him. She then convinces him to leave, because she sent for Furfur . She then escapes and goes back down to The Cave , which is described to look like Hell. 

Some attributes
First Gender: Female
Second First Appearance: Alongside
Third Series Lifespan: Alongside- Present
Other attributes

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