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 “I’ll be killed before I tell you.” The priest said, then he spit on Ronove."

-Father Sanctuary's reply to Ronove

Father Sanctuary is an advanced hunter in the book series Eternal. He has helped Steve with many exorcisms and is involved with Steve and his past. He has performed many exoricisms also including Tony and Tony's wife. 


Steve finds help in Father Sanctuary's help with exorcising Tony 's demon from him. He then is used by Steve to try and find the demon's hideout. He finds the demon's hideout which is right under the hotel Steve is staying.

The StaffEdit

Tony needs the father's help in exorcising the demon. Ronove and Ukobach find the father after he returned from the exorcism and back to the church. Ronove interrogates him, but then he kills him by flinging him across the church. 

Father Sanctuary
Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second First Appearance: Alongside

Last Appearance: The Staff

Third Death Book: The Staff
Other attributes
Fourth Series Lifespan: Alongside- The Staff

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