This is a wiki page on the demon Ronove.Edit

"Shut up!” Ronove yelled, interrupting him. “Tell me where you have hid the staff.” Ronove said."

-Ronove to Father Sanctuary

Ronove is a demon in the book series Eternal. His current whereabouts are unknown and the last we saw of him was when he murdered Father Sanctuary. He expresses his fear to Vassago and Lucifer.

The Staff

Ronove antagonises Tony to try and see if he knows where his staff is. Ronove sends for Vassago , who gets Tony  to locate the staff for them. Ronove then goes to find it and later kills Father Sanctuary for it. Then disappears. 

Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second First Appearance: The Staff
Third Series Lifespan: The Staff- Present
Other attributes

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