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“I swear if he is gone to get a drink again, I’m gonna kill him.” Steve said, angrily."

-Steve about Tony

Steven Yatos is the main character in the book series Eternal. A demon described his past to him and said he has a "guilty past." He is also very aggressive and is the current guardian for Tony Capu. He now tags along with Cherubim and Tony living at a hotel.


Steven helps Father Sanctuary exorcise a demon out of Tony . He tries to take Tony out of town, but Tony is then captured by a demon Crocell . He stays at a hotel where he is then confronted by Crocell . He then ties Crocell down and antagonizes her. She then threatens him with a demon named Furfur . At the end he ends up leaving the hotel.

The StaffEdit

Steve is driven to the town of Denver again, because Tony had been teleported there by Vassago . There he puts down Ukobach and burns the body of Father Sanctuary. He also notices the demon of destruction causing mayhem in the city of Denver, Vinea . He then fleas town with Tony and finds a hotel where he is then confronted by Cherubim.

Help  Edit

Steven begins to ask a bunch of questions to the claimed, Cherubim. He is convinced, but Tony is not. Cherubim then snaps his fingers and knocks Tony out. They escape from the hotel when demons attack and find a new hotel which they now live next to an odd girl and then Tony goes missing.

Steven Yatos
Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second First Appearance: Alongside
Third Series Lifespan: Alongside- Present
Other attributes

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