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“I was just down getting a drink.” Tony replied."

-Tony answering Steve on his whereabouts

Tony Capu his a new demon hunter on the book series Eternal. He was formely possessed but then saved by Father Sanctuary and Steve. He is very clumsy and his often interuppted by one of the two. (Steve and Cherubim). He also has a family who lives in Denver. 


Tony is exorcised by Father Sanctuary and Steven Yatos. He then is taken by Steve in order to escape from the demon infested city. Steve and Tony then break down in the Great Basin Desert. Tony is then taken by Crocell and taken to The Cave.

The StaffEdit

Tony is interrogated by Ronove and Ukobach on the location of Ronove's staff. Then he is sent by Vassago to Denver, as requested. He then has to get Father Sanctuary due to some wife issues. After that happens he finds Father Sanctuary, along with Steve. Only Father Sanctuary is dead. They then have to burn him. Steve and Tony then have to flea from Denver and head out to somewhere else. They end up in Wyoming where they stay in a hotel, pointed out to by a stranger.


Tony gets knocked out by Cherubim by the snap of the fingers. He travels with the two unconscious to another hotel. He gets woken up, but he is knocked out again by Steve because he went off without telling anybody. But when Steve and Cherubim leave the room for something. Tony goes missing. 

Tony Capu
Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second First Appearance: Alongside
Third Series Lifespan: Alongside- Present
Other attributes

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