This is a wiki page for the demon Ukobach.Edit

"C’mon you dolt we know where you hid the staff!” He spoke up."

-Ukobach to Tony

Ukobach is a demon in the book series Eternal. He is currently dead and the last we have known of him was that he was Ronove 's "right-hand man."

The StaffEdit

Ukobach helps Ronove interragate Tony to try and find the staff. Later, he is sent off by Ronove to get Vassago . He and Ronove then travel to where they are told the staff is. There, Ukobach is killed by one of Steve 's piercing arrows.

Some attributes
First Gender: Male
Second First Appearance: The Staff

Last Appearance: The Staff

Third Death Book: The Staff
Other attributes
Fourth Series Lifespan: The Staff- The Staff

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