This is a wiki page on the demon VassagoEdit

"Vassago walked over to Tony. Vassago was a tall, dark shadow with pretty much no appearance but bright, white eyes and giant horns. “Father, where have you hid the staff so I may retrieve it for your servant, Ronove.”

-Vassago to Tony

Vassago is a demon in the book series Eternal. He is a transportation demon and helps locate lost objects. Vassago currently has transported Tony to his home unknowingly and has helped Ronove find his staff.

The StaffEdit

Vassago is introduced and everybody takes a bow before him. That is except Tony . He then sees Tony for who he is and asks where Ronove 's staff his and Tony tells him. He then transports Tony back to his home.

Some attributes
First Gender: Shadow
Second First Appearance: The Staff
Third Series Lifespan: The Staff- Present
Other attributes

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